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Siemens and PowerCell to collaborate in fuel cell systems for ships

Siemens and PowerCell
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– Partnership between Siemens and PowerCell Sweden AB – Planned collaboration for maritime energy systems based on fuel cells – Siemens to supply SISHIP BlueDrive integrated energy and propulsion system – PowerCell, as a producer of fuel cell modules, to provide integrated systems

Siemens and Power Cell Sweden AB, a Swedish producer of fuel cell modules, are to enter into a partnership in order to drive forward the integration of fuel cell modules in shipping. The aim of the collaboration is to develop an energy supply system for vessels which is based on fuel cells. Siemens will supply the SISHIP BlueDrive integrated energy and propulsion system into which PowerCell will install its fuel cell modules. Possible joint projects could include energy supply systems for ferries, yachts, cruise ships and research vessels.

The marine and shipbuilding industry is in a state of radical change: Environmentally friendly yet profitable solutions are vital to meet strict environmental requirements while still running ships economically. The answer comes from Siemens in the form of the SISHIP BlueDrive integrated energy and propulsion system: It is based on a fully integrated energy distribution in which the main control panel and all drives are contained in a single, compact unit.

Various subassemblies can be flexibly and easily connected to the energy supply in ships. The batteries being increasingly used in ferries in recent years have paved the way for this development. The next stage is to extend the energy supply concept to include fuel cells which are characterized by high efficiency and pollution-free operation. They are low-noise and are based on the almost unlimited availability of water as a resource. The fuel cells will be supplied by PowerCell Sweden AB. This flexible and highly innovative European company is the perfect fit for Siemens which is always focused on meeting the needs of its customers. By 2020, both partners will have decided on an appropriate collaborative model.

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