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International Transportation – Issue 1 | 2017

International Transportation 1 | 2017

Managing public transportation :
Governance – Strategies – Solutions

Issue 1   |   May 2017

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The organization of European railways:
Confusing for the customers

Sebastian Belz

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Transport for tomorrow
Vincent Benezech

European passenger railservices in transition
The Fourth EU railway package brings changes and new challenges to passenger rail authorities
Ludger Sippel
Julian Nolte

Repair or replace
Why the “Juncker Fund” is in contradiction with the EU’s transport policy – and how it can still be turned into a success
Michael Cramer
Jens Müller

Public transit and land use decisions
Review of guidebooks for transit agencies
Andreas Kossak

MoviCi – Urban Mobility in the Smart City
The project “MoviCi –Urban Mobility in the Smart City” connects Colombian and German researchers and practitioners
Mirko Goletz
Dirk Heinrichs
Katharina Karnahl
Mathias Höhne


PPP in Japan’s railway system – a success story
Wilfried Wunderlich
Oliver Mayer

Managing public transport in Windhoek
The implementation of a new public bus service for Windhoek, Namibia
Ernst-Benedikt Riehle
Ursula Hein

Using GPS technology fordemand data collection
Introduction to opportunities and challenges of the methodology in developing and emerging economies
Jakob Baum
Enrico Howe


Deutsche Bahn Group is shifting to the DB Enterprise Cloud
A compliant cloud architecture on AWS seemed to be a good choice
Bertram Dorn

Solutions in a nutshell
Overview of selected mobility solutions

  • PPP-project: MiniMetro to relieve traffic congestion in Pisa
  • New smart system to reduce queues at roundabouts
  • Supporting transport planning in Europe

The intelligent railway system theory
The European railway research perspective and the development of the European digital railway strategy
Dániel Tokody
Francesco Flammini

Air travel groups and their mobility profiles in air traffic
Towards seemless air travels – the DORA project and mobility (information) requirements of air travellers
Michael Abraham
Wulf-Holger Arndt
Norman Döge

The British way of long distance transport
Philipp Schneider

Carsharing in rural areas
Challenges and potentials for managing public transportation at local government level
Ann-Kathrin Seemann
Sebastian Knöchel

Projects in a nutshell
Overview of selected mobility research projects

  • Will grass become the new gasoline?
  • Making lithium-ion batteries lighter, safer, more efficient
  • A new take on aircraft takeoff and landing
  • Safe navigation even on construction sites
  • A novel method helps reducing noise problems produced by road traffic
  • Unmanned cargo vessels – more sustainable maritime transport
  • Wider application of new materials for lighter and greener trains
  • World’s first test site for autonomous vehicles opens

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