International Transportation – Issue 2 | 2015

Looking ahead – Advanced transportation solutions

Issue 2 | October 2015

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Violeta BulcMobility in Europe – Challenges and chances

Violeta Bulc, Member of the European Commission in charge of Transport

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Back to reality!
The future of autonomous cars
Andreas Kossak

“Highly automated vehicles are not built for their own sake.”
Interview with Martin Birkner,  Marketing Manager Automotive Sector at Nokia Here

Traffic flow at the entrance to the Baltic Sea
The Kadet Trench: maritime traffic flow and its parameters
Nina Vojdani
Manfred Ahn
Frank Hartmann
Carsten Hilgenfeld

Solutions for a global challenge – Made in Germany
German Partnership for Sustainable Mobility as a  solutions network
Katharina Anna Bernard
Erica Couto
Isabel Flores
Katina Schneider
Ulrich Strötz
René Waßmer

Meta for the win?
Success factors for meta-search engines in online travel distribution
Alexander Eisenkopf
Christopher A. Haas


The environmental impact of electric vehicles in China
A climate-friendly solution or an exacerbation of the  problem?
Frederik Strompen
Christian Hochfeld
Ye Wu

Urban mobility and quality of life supported by IT
Claudia Feix

KVB launches an integrated bike rental system
Stephan Anemüller


Park and bike
Selected solutions for bike parking

Ready to go
MTU Hybrid Drive proves market readiness
Benjamin Oszfolk
Matthias Radke
Matthias Kasch
Yvonne Ibele

How can trains operate more energy-efficiently?
Dirk Seckler


Automated parking systems
Operation and practical  experience
Ilja Irmscher

Automated driving – right across the USA
Thomas Aurich

Smart-phone assisted travel assistance for passengers with reduced mobility
Lars Schnieder
Werner Bischof

Projects in a nutshell
An overview of selected mobility research projects

  • Efficient and functional – air-cooled drive unit
  • Portable fuel cell turns diesel into electric power
  • Kinetic Energy Recovery System for road haulage
  • A novel aircraft with many capabilities
  • Galileo Online: GO! – Highly accurate navigation receiver for rail applications
  • New high energy density automotive battery system