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International Transportation – Issue 1 | 2019

International Transportation – Issue 1 | 2019

Best practice – Mobility innovations put into action

International Transportation (71) 1   |   June 2019   |


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Eurovision vital – a vital vision of Europe
Sebastian Belz


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Social costs of transport in Switzerland
Measuring the impact of transport on the society and quantifying compliance with the polluter pays principle
Christian Gigon
Alexandra Quandt


Urban development and e-mobility in Malaysia
The German Programme “Export Initiative for Green Technologies”
Yazmin Stoffer

The MobiliseYourCity Partnership
An international alliance to foster sustainable urban mobility transformation
Markus Delfs
Michael Engelskirchen
Oliver Lah


“On-demand software solutions can help municipalities”
Gunnar Froh, founder and CEO Wunder Mobility

Mobile system for road inspection and 3D modelling
Introducing novel technology within the project “Digital Roads New Zealand”
Sergey Zuev
Anko Börner
Hongmou Zhang
Ines Ernst
Martin Knoche
Reinhard Klette

Secure, helpful, lovable
Incorporating user needs in the design of autonomous vehicles systems for public transport
Annika Dreßler
Jan Grippenkoven
Meike Jipp
Klas Ihme
Uwe Drewitz

Products in a nutshell
Overview of selected mobility solutions

  • World’s biggest urban ropeway network completed
  • Chances and challenges: E-scooters in the City of Portland
  • First cab-less autonomous e-truck in commercial operations on public road
  • Chinese electrical air taxi to be tested in Linz
  • Roadscanners Oy reconcentrates on road business

A realtime middleware for connecting functions in highly automated vehicles
Björn Hendriks
Christian Harms
Michael Kürschner

Dwell time forecast in railbound traffic
Procedure and first evaluation
Johannes Uhl
Ullrich Martin

New trends in transport systems
Random selection of European Friedrich-List-Prize submissions

Advanced automation in railway operations
Impacts, requirements and potentials
Martina Zeiner
Martin Smoliner

Challenging assumptions about traveller behaviour
The benefits and challenges of using Bluetooth data to examine repeated behaviour
Fiona Crawford

Risk analysis of dangerous goods transportation
Libor Krejčí

TSCLab – Traffic Signal Control Laboratory
A tool for performance monitoring and evaluation of adaptive traffic signal control in VISSIM
Daniel Pavleski

Projects in a Nutshell
Overview of selected Mobility Research Projects

  • Bringing autonomous driving to life
  • New breakthroughs in research on super-batteries
  • Particulate matter from aircraft engines affects airways
  • Training data for autonomous driving
  • Traffic prediction system based on neural networks
  • Metallic 3D printing on track for automotive series production


  • Preview: European Transport Conference
  • Preview: InnoRail Budapest
  • Preview: Hypermotion 2019


  • Mega Cities – Mega Challenge