International Transportation – Collection 2022

Mobility turnaround – solutions to bridge the gap

International Transportation – Collection | October 2022 | eJournal only


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Cooperative cities
Are cooperative and automated vehicles the best course of action?
Ondřej Přibyl

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A three-point turn for climate ambition in transport
Did climate talks in Glasgow steer the world towards a  paradigm shift?
Daniel Bongardt
Marion Vieweg
Nadja Taeger


Charging infrastructure and charging methods for electric buses
Focus on the city of Shenzhen in China which has the world’s largest fully electric fleet of buses
Elisabeth Gütl

Data as a force to shape future urban mobility
Bridging the data divide to shape a just digital transformation for climate-friendly urban mobility
Lena Plikat
Frederic Tesfay

From trucks to tracks
Promoting rail freight transport in emerging economies
Friedel Sehlleier
Tanya Mittal
Xuan Ling
Karen Martinez Lopez
Deepak Baindur


Bundling challenges in Hub-and-Spoke networks
Focus on rail transport with a case of MegaHub in Hannover-Lehrte
Ralf Elbert
Hongjun Wu

Modular platform concept for shunting locomotives
Sustainable vehicle architectures for existing vehicles through modularity
Julian Franzen
Jannis Sinnemann
Udo Pinders
Walter Schreiber

CADMUSS – an innovative project to improve maritime safety
Sönke Reise
Carsten Hilgenfeld
Diego Piedra-Garcia

Modern authentication solutions for fleet management
Safe on the road thanks to driver identification and access control
Johannes Weil


Generating robust dispatching solutions
Taking into account block sections’ operational risk
Ullrich Martin
Markus Tideman
Weiting Zhao

Transport policies – in challenging times
European Friedrich-List-Award 2022 and European Transport Congress

Models for optimizing parallel public transport services
Between and within parallel domestic (long-distance and regional) public transport services
András Lakatos

Design of transport infrastructure considering sustainability criteria in selected German regions
Stefan Schomaker

Effects of travel time VMS on urban traffic
Attitudes to travel times displayed on variable message signs and effect on route choice
Renáta Bordás

Lightweight design of the Extended Market Wagon
An innovative freight wagon developed in Fr8Rail 4, a Europe’s Rail project
David Krüger
Christian Gomes Alves
Nicolai Schmauder
Mathilde Laporte
Robert Winkler-Höhn
Gerhard Kopp

Projects in a nutshell
Overview of selected mobility research and projects
– Artemis Technologies unveils 100% electric passenger ferry
– Clean Hydrogen: A long-awaited solution for hard-to-abate sectors?
– Systems solutions for hydrogen engines
– Digitalization and automation for driverless regional trains
– Trials with world’s first urban autonomous passenger ferry