International Transportation – Collection 2020


International Transportation (72) Collection | October 2020 | eJournal only


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Europe – Covid – Climate Change
Sebastian Belz


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Semi-trailer on rail in Germany
The driver of a modal shift?
Eugen Truschkin

Heading into “The New Normal”
Potential development paths of international logistics networks in the wake of the Coronavirus pandemic
Frank Straube
Benjamin Nitsche

Cooperation with Hanse Networks in the North and Baltic Sea Regions
Security strategy for port hinterland traffic via data handling before cargo handling
Thomas Decker

A study on free-floating carsharing in Europe
Hansjörg Fromm
Patrick Jochem

The ATELIER project
Citizen-driven Positive Energy Districts in Amsterdam, Bilbao and beyond
Bettina Remmele


New mobility concepts for rural areas
Lessons learnt in the European cooperation project “Peripheral Access”
Alexandra Beer

The Perpignan-Figueras high-speed line
A great European project that arrived in the middle of a crisis and in an immature environment
Petros Papaghiannakis


Integrating demand-responsive transportation
Bridging the gap between public transit and individual mobility in a Mobility-as-a-Service ecosystem
Lukas Foljanty
Mark-Philipp Wilhelms

Time for action
The transport sector’s role in enhancing climate ambition
Marion Vieweg
Daniel Bongardt


Innovative transport systems
15th European Friedrich-List-Prize – a random selection of this year’s submissions
Adrian Gunter
Markus Loidolt
Ivan Cvitić
Dávid Földes
Kerényi Tamás
Johannes Weber

Tackling innovation barriers
An empirical investigation for sustainable transport services
Konstantin Krauss

Implementation of autonomous vehicle onto roadways
A step to a Theory of Automated Road Traffic
Heinz Doerr
Andreas Romstorfer

Environmental effects of the Covid-19 lockdown
The example of an EU online convention
Matthias Gather
Claudia Hille

Development of mobility behaviour in tourism
Evaluation of requirements in mobility behaviour of tourists in rural and inner-city regions
Marcel Weber

Projects in a Nutshell
Overview of selected mobility research projects

  • Zero-emission commercial flights within 15 years?
  • Graphite instead of gold: Thin layers for better hydrogen cars
  • Global rail market continues to grow
  • Green shipping: Hybrid propulsion at the highest safety level
  • Fly on holiday in view of climate change?
  • Clean fuel from sunlight, CO2 and water