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International Transportation – Issue 1 | 2018

International Transportation 2018

Urban Mobility – Looking for the royal road

Issue 1   |   May 2018

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Christine Ziegler

© Christine Ziegler


Urban Mobility – Looking for the royal road
Christine Ziegler

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City of Seattle: Climate Action Plan 2018
Andreas Kossak

Mumbai – Traffic planning in a city of extremes
Success factors for the implementation of a regional master plan for the development of an efficient public transport system in emerging economies
Lars Schnieder
Gopal R. Patil

Deutsche Bahn launches training in Latin America
Brazilian rail and logistics managers were successfully selected as first group
Doreen Christmann
Heiko Scholz

Legal aspects of autonomous driving
Changing face of urban mobility in a connected mobility
Jutta Stender-Vorwachs
Hans Steege

Transforming mobility through female empowerment
Kristina Kebeck


Reverse innovation
Rethinking urban transport through global learning
Alina Ulrich
Claudia Kiso
Elena Scherer

The Jeepney+ NAMA
Modernizing public transport in the Philippines
Christian Mettke
Melissa Cruz
Patricia Mariano


Solutions in a Nutshell
Overview of selected Mobility Solutions

  • The world‘s largest electric truck on work
  • Leitner ropeways system to the world’s largest hotel
  • Vienna, Igoumenitsa and Turda announced for European sustainable mobility awards
  • Blockchain solution could revolutionize ocean shipping
  • Dubai to test self-driving electric transport pods

Streetcar accidents in built-up areas
Accident occurrence and measures for improving safety
Jean Emmanuel Bakaba
Jörg Ortlepp

Vehicle Stock Modelling: A new approach
Forecasting based strategy development for new mobility solutions
Lea Heinrich
Felix D. Segel
Wolfgang H. Schulz

The travel demand impacts of fare-free regional public transport in Germany
Tudor Mocanu
Christian Winkler
Tobias Kuhnimhof

Walking, waiting, interchanging
A scenario-based analysis of user requirements in local public transport
Kathrin Viergutz

Projects in a Nutshell
Overview of selected Mobility Research Projects

  • Sensors on speaking terms
  • BionicFlyingFox: Ultra-light-weight flying object with intelligent kinematics
  • Scenario 2050: Lithium and Cobalt might not suffice
  • Redox Flow Battery: Storage System for the Energy Transition
  • The easier way of hydrogen production
  • Innovation Center for Artificial Intelligence at Universiteit van Amsterdam (UVA)


  • Review: MoviCi-MOYCOT Joint Conference in Medellín
  • Preview: 16th European Transport Congress (ETC) in Warszawa (PL)
  • Previews: IAA Commercial Vehicles 2018, Transports Publics, InnoTrans 2019, CONCAR-EXPO