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COSMHYC XL project: Hybrid solution for hydrogen refuelling stations

COSMHYC XL project: Hybrid solution
Photo: Christine Ziegler | Trialog Publishers

The EU project COSMHYC XL aims to develop an innovative hybrid solution for eXtra Large scale hydrogen refuelling stations

Hydrogen mobility contributes to the energy transition by reducing greenhouse gas emissions, accelerating the deployment of renewable energies, increasing energy efficiency and improving air quality. Due to the long range of fuel-cell vehicles (range of 500 to 800 km), hydrogen mobility is of high interest for large-scale mobility applications, such as heavy-duty vehicles (HDV) or large scale fleets of light duty vehicles (LDV) with a high utilisation rate, such as fleets of taxis.

Although European technology manufacturers have performed significant progress in respect to the hydrogen refueling infrastructure for large scale applications, still challenges have to be addressed, e.g. reduce costs or increase the capacity of high hydrogen flow rates.

The EU-funded project COSMHYC XL is addressing these challenges and thus contributing to the expansion of hydrogen mobility for heavy mobility applications. The project’s aim is to develop a hybrid compression concept for hydrogen refueling stations with an innovative combination of a baseload metal hydride compressor, enabling a high level of reliability and a new mechanical compressor.

The solution will be scalable and modular and will therefore be adapted to the diversity of large-scale mobility applications. 5 European industrial and research institutions are collaborating to achieve this goal by using the results and knowledge generated within the sister project COSMHYC (GA number No 736122).

COSMHYC XL (grant agreement no: 826182) with an overall budget of 2.7 M€ is funded by the European Commission in the scope of its Fuel Cell and Hydrogen 2 Joint Undertaking and public private partnership (FCH 2 JU), which is part of Horizon 2020. It is coordinated by the European Institute For Energy Research (EIFER) Karlsruhe, in cooperation with four partners. Steinbeis 2i GmbH supports the project management and implements the project communication activities, including the dissemination and exploitation of results. [Source: Steinbeis 2i]

Project duration: 01/2019 – 12/2021 | Participant countries: Denmark, France, Germany

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