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Trip & Co announces patent pending for cargo in cabin innovations

Trip & Co announces patent pending for cargo in cabin innovations

[Trip & Co]Trip & Co and SII have joined forces in order to develop efficient products to transport cargo on board of passenger flights. They now have received a tremendous number of requests from companies and corporations all over the world. Their new products are designed specifically for cargo in cabin applications. Suitable for all sorts of cargo, efficient loading and unloading resulting in a higher revenue. Reason for Trip & Co to register some of their cargo in cabin innovations at the patent and trademark office’s database.

Creative new cargo initiatives
Due to the Covid-19 crisis, many companies are coming up with creative initiatives in order to create new types of business and business-models for the airlines. Trip & Co delivers products that guarantee (air) cargo safety and protection. Examples of the cargo in cabin solutions Trip & Co and SII recently have developed are the Cargo Seat Bag (CSB) and the Cargo Stowage Container (CSC). The CSB and the CSC will be delivered with a STC approval. In addition, they meet and exceed all regulations.

Unexpected success
“We have received a huge number of requests from companies all over the world to create more cargo in cabin solutions like the Cargo Seat Bag which can help to overcome these difficult and challenging times in the aviation industry. This gives us the confidence that we are on the right track.” thus Tijmen Koster, CEO of Trip & Co. More innovative products are to be launched on very short notice.

Trip & Co was founded in 1890 as a supplier of steel wire, rope and pulley blocks for the shipping industry. These days Trip & Co is a leading name as manufacturer and supplier of high quality (air) cargo products. For more than 25 years Trip & Co has been producing various cargo products that are delivered all over the world. Since its establishment, Trip & Co has stood by innovation, quality and long-term relationships with its customers.