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TRA-Review: Transport Research Arena 2018 conference

TRA 2018

TRA 2018 – Europe’s largest transport research conference – with more than 3,500 visitors from science, industry and politics, over 100 sessions with more than 8,500 minutes of scientific discussion and more than 90 exhibitors.

For four days, Vienna was the capital of European transport research. TRA 2018 was themed “A digital era for transport – solutions for society, economy and environment” and dealt mainly with the topics of digitalisation and decarbonisation of the transport system. The host of the Transport Research Arena (TRA) 2018, the Austrian Federal Ministry of Transport, Innovation and Technology, organised and implemented the largest European transport research conference together with the AIT Austrian Institute of Technology, AustriaTech and the European Commission and European Technology Platforms and broke all previous records.

Some 3,540 international experts from the fields of science, industry and politics came to Vienna to exchange ideas and find solutions together for the traffic and transport of the future. In over 100 sessions with more than 8,500 minutes of scientific discussion, the latest topics in the field of transport were discussed at the highest level. Over 90 companies and projects used the opportunity to present their products and solutions to an international expert audience.

The topics of TRA 2018 were extremely diverse. For example, the future of electromobility and self-driving cars were at the centre of discussions, as were new technologies for a more environmentally friendly and efficient design of the shipping and aviation sectors. But also multimodal transport, which will bring people sustainable and affordable door-to-door in the future, technologies that help to handle the increasing mobility needs of goods or further increase new traffic safety solutions, were very well received by the expert audience.

DI Ingolf Schädler, Deputy Head of Section at the Austrian Ministry of Transport and Chair of the Management Committee of TRA 2018: “With this outstandingly successful event, we not only brought the best international people in this field to Vienna, but we also demonstrated that Austrian research and industry are at the forefront in Europe. In view of the great challenges facing the transport of the future, it is extremely important that we work together to find the best solutions. However, with all innovative technologies and sustainable forms of mobility, we must not forget that people are at the centre of our efforts and that we must support them on their journey to the new digital world.”

A complete review of TRA 2018 can be found at www.traconference.eu
AustriaTech: www.austriatech.at
AIT Austrian Institute of Technology GmbH: www.ait.ac.at