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Sweden: Transmission in 400 kV overhead lines to be reinforced

Sweden: Transmission capacity in 400 kV overhead lines to be reinforced
Power Cable. © Getty Images | Sweco

[Sweco Group] – Sweco improves the long-term electricity supply through reinforcement of the national grid in Sweden.

Wind power expansion in the north, nuclear decommissioning in the south and increased electricity consumption in Sweden require increased transmission capacity in the electricity grid throughout Sweden. Sweco’s experts within areas such as power lines, geotechnics, hydrogeology, surveying and mapping are involved in the assignment, thereby contributing to a secure supply of electricity and in creating a resilient society.

To increase the transmission capacity between northern and southern Sweden, Svenska kraftnät will reinforce the electricity grid in central Sweden. Sweco has been commissioned to design two parallel 400 kV overhead power lines to be built along a 100-kilometre-long section.

“Ensuring the long-term and secure supply of electricity throughout the country is of utmost importance to support electrification and to create a resilient society that can meet the electricity needs both of individuals and of businesses,” says Conny Udd, Division Manager for Energy & Industry at Sweco Sweden.

In the assignment from Svenska kraftnät, Sweco will deliver detailed design of a new double overhead line of about 100 kilometres between Tierp municipality and Sigtuna municipality, as well as design of two shorter overhead line sections and the demolition of a 160-kilometre-long overhead line.

The assignment started in May 2023 and will continue until September 2025, whereupon construction will start with Sweco providing continued technical support. The order value amounts to SEK 30 million.