International Transportation – Special 2 | 2020

International Transportation Special 2 2020

Transforming Transport – Solutions

Special 2 | 2020
In: Internationales Verkehrswesen (72) 3 | September 2020



A study on free-floating carsharing in Europe
Hansjörg Fromm
Patrick Jochem

Heading into “The New Normal”
Potential development paths of international logistics networks in the wake of the Coronavirus pandemic
Frank Straube
Benjamin Nitsche


The Perpignan-Figueras high-speed line
A great European project that arrived in the middle of a crisis and in an immature environment
Petros Papaghiannakis

New mobility concepts for rural areas
Lessons learnt in the European cooperation project “Peripheral Access”
Alexandra Beer


Innovative transport systems
Random selection of European Friedrich-List-Prize submissions

  • Electrification of road freight transport
    Adrian Gunter
  • Costs of operational hindrances
    Markus Loidolt
  • Network traffic anomaly detection in IoT
    Ivan Cvitić
  • Innovative transport systems and mobility services
    Dávid Földes
  • Creation of mobility packages based on the MaaS concept
    Kerényi Tamás
  • Non-probability recruitment strategies for innovative smartphone-based travel surveys
    Johannes Weber
    Stefan Hubrich
    Rico Wittwer
    Regine Gerike

Environmental effects of the Covid-19 lockdown
The example of an EU online convention
Matthias Gather
Claudia Hille

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