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Höfelmeyer “Cloud” – Applications for smart scales

Höfelmeyer “Cloud” – Applications for smart scales
Image: momentmal | pixabay

[Höfelmeyer] The Höfelmeyer “Cloud” is a platform for the digitisation of scale applications. Through this, all scales can be linked quickly, easily and at low cost and connected to the Internet of Things (IoT). All weighing and process data are automatically transmitted to the Cloud, stored there and can then be used flexibly by many people and programs. Smart and secure.

Networked weighing terminals offer great potential for the manufacturing industry, trade, logistics and disposal. Digitised business processes run faster, are less prone to errors and more economical at the same time than the analogue processes used so far.

The Höfelmeyer Cloud is the ideal solution where errors occur and time is lost during manual data transmission. Even if weighing and process data are to be recorded and made available at remote and not permanently manned workstations, their use brings many advantages. Companies that want to access measurement data regardless of time and location and those that want to simplify their coordination processes across departments, locations or even companies and accelerate (production) processes benefit from this Industry 4.0 solution. And especially where there is a lack of time, money and manpower to implement digital processes and a powerful IT infrastructure, the cloud is a fast way to digitalisation.

The special feature of the Höfelmeyer Cloud is the complete solution from a single source. Users can concentrate fully on their own services without having to worry about the technical details of their cloud connection or the compatibility of the components used. High initial investments for planning and setting up your own IT infrastructure are not required either. Both new and existing scales can be connected to the Internet of Things, regardless of type and size. This is done in cooperation with Heavy Data GmbH using an IoT gateway via LAN or WiFi. For locations without a developed IT infrastructure, a connection via a mobile phone network is possible. Accordingly, the security aspect has a very high priority. Data exchange is based on a secure, encrypted internet connection, and the data is of course only stored on European servers.

Access to the weight data is browser-based via an individual user interface. This means that the current data can be used by all required users and programs worldwide at any time. Data exchange is also possible across company boundaries. The connection to higher-level ERP systems and application software from third-party companies is optional. In addition, weighing results are automatically archived and can also be retrieved at a later date.

This immediately usable and individually customisable cloud solution already has the necessary infrastructure. It includes many application-specific dashboards for visualisation and data download via the internet. This significantly reduces planning and implementation effort. There are low monthly usage fees, regardless of the amount of data.

The Cloud can be combined with Höfelmeyer’s IRIS software platform including all associated modules. Other process-related data such as temperatures, density readings, gas analyses and general quality checks can also be integrated into the solution. More about it … [↗]