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EPTS Foundation awards European Friedrich-List-Prize 2020

18th European Transport Congress 2020 is to be held in Rostock, Germany. ©_Falco | pixabay

[EPTS]For the 15th consecutive time the European Platform of Transport Sciences – EPTS Foundation awards a prize dedicated to young transport researchers. The prize is named “European Friedrich-List-Prize” to honour the extraordinary contributions of Friedrich List, a visionary of transport in Europe of the 19th century, being a distinguished economist and respected transport scientist committed to the European idea.

The “European Friedrich-List-Prize” is awarded for outstanding scientific papers in each of the following categories:

Doctorate paper (PhD or comparable) – EUR 1,000
Diploma paper (Master Thesis or comparable) – EUR 500

The submitted papers should address topics in the transport field within a European context and from a European perspective, ideally making reference and contributing to the sustainable development of elements and modes within pan-European or crossborder transport. The subject should be characterized by its international scope while papers elaborating on technical matters are equally accepted as those with a background in economics or another discipline.

Eligible for submission are all scientific papers accomplished no longer than two years ago and which have not been submitted successfully in another award competition. Papers may be written by individuals who are citizens of a country in Europe and under 40 years of age at the time of submission. Recommendations may only be made by full professors of universities or directors of research institutions. Applications by the authors themselves will not be considered.

The application dossier must include:

  1. The full version of the paper in any European language.
  2. A scientific summary of fifteen A4 pages in English language.
  3. A short CV of the author(s).
  4. Recommendations are to be verified by the professor in a statement written in English language.

Candidates are invited to submit their papers in electronic format (*pdf or *doc) with papers exceeding 50 MB to be made available on CD ROM directly to the EPTS-General Secretariat.

The full applications have to be sent to the EPTS General Secretariat:

European Platform of Transport Sciences – EPTS Foundation e.V.
Head of Office
Bahnstrasse 23
42327 Wuppertal

schmidt@epts.eu | M 0049 151 288 601 75

Application deadline: April 3th, 2020

Submitted papers are evaluated by a jury composed of reputable scientists engaged in transport in its European dimension. The jury’s results will be fixed by the end of May 2020.

The award ceremony is scheduled to take place on 13.10.2020 during the 18th European Transport Congress of the European Platform of Transport Sciences – EPTS Foundation e.V., to be held in Rostock, Germany.

18th ETC / 17th BVF in Rostock, Germany, 12.-14.10.2020

“Innovative Transport Systems in European Logistic Networks – Chances for non-Metropolitan Regions?”

Congress will take place in Rostock area, Germany

Monday, 12 Oct 2020 EPTS assembly, welcome reception
Tuesday, 13 Oct 2020 European Transport Congress, Gala-Dinner
Wednesday, 14 Oct 2020 Excursions to Rostock Port, transport companies and industries

For your travel arrangements, we recommend to check out flights to Rostock Airport (RLG), operated by Lufthansa.

Program and Registration will be available on this site as soon as possible.