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Emirates: Drone logistics services set to fly high in Abu Dhabi

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[AD Ports Group] Maqta Gateway, the digital arm of AD Ports Group, Emirates Post Group, the official postal operator for the UAE, and SkyGo, an aerial logistics provider, are set to trial a new initiative that would provide a comprehensive aerial drone delivery & other services in Abu Dhabi.

The three organisations will collaborate on a trial programme that will deploy aerial drones to carry parcels and documents to specified Emirates Post sites across the emirate of Abu Dhabi. Beginning with short-range journeys, the programme will expand to long-range tests with an increased capacity to assess demand and understand the wider benefits.

The objective is to provide a sustainable, user-friendly service that can carry vital medical supplies, fresh foods, and urgent documents rapidly, while providing real-time tracking.
Maqta Gateway will deploy its integrated digital marketplace, Margo Hub, to facilitate online transactions between customers and Emirates Post Group, which in turn will manage the service and provide tracking and status updates, while SkyGo provides the drone solutions.

Emirates: Drone logistics services set to fly high in Abu Dhabi

From left to right: Abdulla Mohammed Alashram- Group CEO of Emirates Post Group | Dr. Noura Al Dhaheri, CEO – Digital Cluster and CEO – Maqta Gateway, AD Ports Group | Mohammed Al Dhaheri- CEO, SkyGo, during the signing ceremony to launch drone logistics services.
AD Ports Group

Dr Noura Al Dhaheri, CEO Digital Cluster & CEO Maqta Gateway, AD Ports Group, said: “As a leading trusted trade and logistics partner within the region and globally, Maqta Gateway is uniquely positioned to spearhead advanced innovations such as this initiative. We actively seek out projects that can positively disrupt and transform global trade, and this new collaboration offers a vital opportunity to do just that. Drone services could enable greater convenience and faster delivery times for customers across Abu Dhabi, while ensuring a positive environmental impact. Margo Hub is a state-of-the-art integrated digital marketplace for all logistics needs, from trucking and warehousing through to the last mile and express delivery, so the expansion into drone services is a seamless extension.”

Abdulla Mohammed Alashram, Group CEO of Emirates Post Group, said: “This agreement comes as part of Emirates Post Group’s vision to foster collaborations with pioneering UAE firms that embrace advanced technologies, so that we may provide customers with innovative delivery solutions. Maqta Gateway is an ideal partner for this project, delivering UAE-initiated innovation through an advanced digital platform. This explorative drone project represents an efficient and environmentally responsible solution for the delivery of small to medium sized packages, in line with the Universal Postal Union’s (UPU) sustainable development objectives. By supporting this project, we are confident that we can alleviate road congestion and reduce fuel consumption in last-mile deliveries.”

Mohammed Al Dhaheri, CEO SkyGo, said: “SkyGo is focused on proactively pioneering the technology of drones across the UAE to positively disrupt multiple sectors within the marketplace. Our ability to collaborate and deliver value has ensured continuous fruitful partnerships with leaders such as the General Civil Aviation Authority, our main partner in our drone project. We are proud to announce the utilization of our drone technologies by Maqta Gateway and Emirates Post Group. This is yet another step in the process of transforming global trade to becoming more efficient, sustainable, and environmentally responsible.”

Details of the trial programme will be released towards the end of 2022, with a full commercial offering planned for launch in the next year, pending approval.