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Bosch Secure Truck Parking spaces at the German-Danish border

Bosch Secure Truck Parking spaces at the German-Danish border
Truck at Calais Harbor. ©_Bosch

[Bosch]Bosch Secure Truck Parking, the digital booking platform for truck parking spaces, has added an additional location to its network. Trucking companies can now reserve parking spaces at the German-Danish border close to Flensburg.

To provide this service, Bosch Service Solutions (the company behind the platform) is cooperating with with Scandinavian Park Handewitt, a shopping center with a rest stop located directly on the motorway A7. Its convenient location five kilometers from the Danish border makes it a very popular truck stop.

“Many truck drivers head for Scandinavian Park for their break before or after crossing the border with Denmark,” says Jannis Rinschen, Business Development Manager at Bosch Secure Truck Parking. “And because of the good shopping facilities in the shopping center, parking spaces are in great demand. We’re therefore delighted that trucking companies now have the option of reserving and paying for parking spaces using our digital booking platform.”

Bosch Secure Truck Parking spaces at the German-Danish border

The new cooperation between Bosch Secure Truck Parking and Scandinavian Park Handewitt enables freight forwarders to digitally book truck parking lots at the German-Danish border. Infographic Bosch

Digital and contactless booking
The Bosch Secure Truck Parking platform provides dispatchers and truck drivers with a straightforward digital booking facility for reserving a parking space at Scandinavian Park. A reservation can be made in advance when planning the route or shortly before arrival at the truck stop. Alternatively, the truck driver can make the booking using the digital app after entering the parking lot.

When booking in advance, the driver or dispatcher uses the website or app to check whether there are vacant parking spaces available and can reserve them in real time. The driver can also enter the parking lot contactlessly – simply by pressing the “Open Barrier” button in the app or by clicking on an e-mail link. Parking lot operators can install the required technology with little effort – Bosch offers solutions for all types of barriers from different manufacturers and can also provide advice regarding security measures. At Scandinavian Park, the hardware is integrated in the barriers as a plug and play unit. The parking lot is secured by means of access barriers as well as fencing, lighting and surveillance cameras.

Digital payment means no more paper receipts
The payment process is also automated and contactless. Truck companies that have registered with Bosch Secure Truck Parking receive a collective invoice for their reservations each month. This reduces the amount of time and effort that companies have to spend on billing and on keeping track of countless paper receipts. What’s more, it saves drivers from having to go to the checkout in the rest stop shop – which is a major advantage during the current pandemic.

Continued provision of services
Scandinavian Park is currently receiving a lot fewer visitors than usual due to the fact that the Danish border is still closed for private individuals, with the exception of family members. However, international goods traffic continues to operate as normal, which means that truck drivers rely on a functioning supply infrastructure with rest stops and gas stations – and at Scandinavian Park they will find everything they need. The gas station is open 24 hours a day; the supermarket, which also sells hot food and sandwiches to take away, and the truck-wash facility are open throughout the day. The bathrooms and washroom facilities remain open for truck drivers. To reduce the risk of infection to a minimum, these facilities are thoroughly cleaned and disinfected several times a day.

“It’s quieter than normal at the moment due to the lack of tourists – we hope to see an increase in tourist numbers over the coming weeks and are taking the necessary safety precautions,” says Heiko Rasmussen, gas station team leader at Scandinavian Park. “We are still here to provide services for truck drivers and local customers. In these times, truckers appreciate having access to secure parking, good food and clean washroom facilities. They regularly send us feedback expressing their gratitude – which we are always delighted to receive.”